Computer viruses are programs that are specially designed to be transferred from one computer to another for affecting the latter and causing problems in the system. Before we learn how to select best computer antivirus software we need to know how a virus affect our system.

The procedure for working of the viruses can be explained in the following steps:

  1. A virus may be activated in a computer as soon as a file infected by that virus is run or when an infected file is opened.
  2. The virus may cause the first few instructions of a program to jump into the destination of virus source code and consequently the virus code starts executing.
  3.  The activated virus code gains control over the system.
  4. The viruses tend to infect newer files and storages spaces.

Just like there are several viruses causing a variety of diseases in humans, computer viruses are also huge in number and can be classified according to their function and nature. They are described below along with some other malicious programs of similar type:

  • Resident Viruses: These viruses permanently reside in the RAM memory and affect the operation of the systems.
  • Multipartite Viruses: They spread through infected media and remain in the memory of the system.
  • Direct Action Viruses: These viruses infect the files present in the directories of AUTOEXEC.BAT file paths.
  • Overwrite Viruses: They cause partial or whole loss of data from files once they affect them.
  • Boot Viruses: These viruses infect the floppy disks and drives where information related to booting of devices is stored.
  • Macro Virus: The sources of these viruses are programs or applications using macro.
  • Directory Virus: They change the directory or path indicating a file location. It makes locating the original files impossible.
  • Polymorphic Virus: These viruses encode themselves in a different way so that the anti-virus software cannot detect their presence using string or signature searches.
  • File Infectors: They infect programs and files with .COM and .EXE extensions. These viruses can be further classified according to the functions they perform.
  • FAT: FAT or File Allocation Table is used for the communication of information and is an important part of the computer.
  • Worms: These are similar to viruses and capable of self-replicating. They can be removed from the system using anti-virus software.
  • Trojans: Most of us are familiar with Trojans. These malicious codes do not replicate or reproduce on their own.
  • Stealth Viruses: These viruses try to trick the antivirus software so that their presence cannot be determined by these software.
  • Companion Viruses: These need the accompaniment of the other viruses for execution. In other words, they require the execution of other malicious programs in order to affect the system.

With the presence of so many viruses it becomes very difficult for the antivirus software to determine whether the system or a particular file is corrupt. There are many viruses which remain in disguise and it becomes difficult for the antivirus system to detect their presence. This is why it is necessary to choose from the Top Three best computer Antivirus Software only. Buying an efficient computer viruses protection software is very necessary to combat them. Hackers and unscrupulous people are busy creating newer viruses and other programs regularly and hence a constant update of virus database is a must for the antivirus software.

Irem Bright C`mezie is author of this article on how to select best computer antivirus software. Find more information about Top Three best computer Antivirus Software.


Use Facebook for Marketing your Business

Sqirrel_Post_Scraper_Facebook persists to be the supremacy champion of social networking sites, where people get in touch and share things online. Facebook has also developed into a place for different businesses to promote themselves via interaction with target audience and self-advertising. Whether you are a large business or a small local business, Facebook is an influential promotional tool. It is a great place to keep users informed, widen your reach, and develop product identity.

A Facebook page is very effective free advertising tool for every business. These pages allow businesses to recognize themselves – not only by listing product services and hand-outs, but also by sharing images, links, and posts on a customizable-page to provide a better logic of a business’s character and personality. Facebook business page is also a great place to expand your brand individuality and illustrate your human side. Facebook Auto Poster is an effective tool which is used to promote businesses by helping them in posting their videos, photos, and links, messages in their facebook friends, liked pages, groups in an easy manner.

Facebook provides its seperate form of ads with Facebook advertising feature, which shows in the side-columns of your Facebook page. These Facebook ads are also called as Marketplace Ads. They contain a heading with copy, a picture, and a hyperlink to either a remote website, a Facebook application or, a Facebook page. Applying Facebook ads into your Facebook promotion policy is one probable method for driving website traffic and boosting likes.

Features of Facebook ads are -

  • Demographic objecting through Facebook user information interests, education, location, and age.
  •  The capability to set budgets for ad.
  • Ad testing, wherein numerous versions of ad can be run at the same time to evaluate ad setup and designs.

Facebook Autopilot is very powerful tool that enables you to create campaigns, join them to your account increases your likess, as well as post your preferred ads on your entire Facebook pages and groups. Now you can easily endorse your services or product with some mouse clicks. Making use of this Facebook tool to boost your Likes can be extremely useful – as soon as visitors like your Facebook page, they basically turn into followers of your company page, plus your posts will display on their Facebook newsfeed.

Facebook Promoted Posts allow owners of Facebook page to pay a dreary rate to have their own Facebook posts arrive at a convinced amount of users, enhancing a precise post’s impressions and reach. A few businesses have inquired – why should they have to spend money to make sure that their post is checked or read by users, who are their followers? If a visitor has liked their page, they should all the time view their posts on user’s news feed. Shouldn’t they? No! This is because it presumes that visitors spend each and every waking flash of their time on Facebook’s news feed.

So this is it! We suggest you to make use of some effective Facebook marketing software in order to take your business to next level and enjoy your success to the fullest.

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Choose this Web Design Glasgow for the Best Web Design

I have been running a media sales agency for the past year and due to extreme competition in my sphere of business, I wanted to revamp my web space and give it an all-new look. I went through several web designers as they were cluttered everywhere. However, my roving eye fell on this specialist in Glasgow, fortunately. I took interest in this web design Glasgow as it was highly ranked online.

It was also one of the very few setups online, which only attracted positive testimonials from its past clientele. For starts, I gave them an assignment to restructure my main media content page. I certainly knew that they would do a very good job. However, I was not completely correct on this. What transpired out of my assignment was not something good, but something very exceptional.

This website design Glasgow is truly a top-of-the-line dedicated team of designers, SEO specialists, and coders that has successfully been my one-stop-shop for all my web design and SEO related services. I knew that in order to stay in the competition, I had to adhere only to the best practices online. The primary step I could take in this parlance was to hire this exclusive web design setup for rendering me with a fully functional website. This setup also has Social Media Gurus that strive to give its clients nothing short of foolproof results. Its team of web designers and technical experts are thoroughly creative, friendly and professionally equipped.

The best part about its creative team was their attribute of approachability. All its team members were approachable, wherein I could take their assistance whenever I had any doubts on certain design or search engine optimisation issues. I always got a positive nod from its experts, to have my query fully resolved. It is through its team of thoroughbred web designers Glasgow that I had all my queries resolved pertaining to blogs.

These experts know every intricacy inherent in WordPress or any other CMS Platforms. I could also have some additional products added to a Magento eCommerce store. The best part about this web design service lies in its Google certification. This rendered my business setup with solace, as I was happy to see certified professionals hired for catering my business needs.

Being Google certified, these professionals work closely with Google to achieve elevated results for client websites. With all the appropriate skills employed by its team members in Google Shopping, Google Ranking, and Google Adwords, my business setup got a web design just as I desired. These professionals not only helped me in designing my web page but also rendered my business with systematic cues and pointers, to bring out that all-new marketing plan that was customised for my business needs.

Besides rendering me with an all-new plush media website, I also got one of the most eye-catching brochures designed by its specialist web designers. Apart from designing the website with utmost perfection, its specialty designers gave my website a good blend of artistic designers to render my projects a touch of creativity.


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Email Address Look Up – For the Best Validation

Email VerifierHunting down IP address is presently extremely conceivable because of the creative new web advances that attempt both basic and quick. Anyhow even as most people wonderfulness in this limit others moan in view of the lack of quality of their messages occasioned by harassers, programmers and other email haters. However the moaning is presently bound to enter the eradication stage as the Email address checker now assist approve all messages and to make it simpler to check every one of those outlandish disasters that portrays the powerlessness to appreciate messaging and take into consideration people to enter its space without any authorization just to bother the peace.

The email verifier or checker at the present time approving messages tries to spot MX records; hence after finding the records interfaces it with defined host address to approve and definitely analyze the messages. After this introductory step is shed, a rundown will then be sent of names having a place with the host’s mail trade servers utilizing the simpler acceptance yield. This means with the lookup i can create a framework that pads me and other individuals’ messages from any untoward entrances while likewise in the meantime cementing my trade server. All these; just in an offer to have the best messaging administration ever experienced.

For the individuals who are pondering what the MX records are, the term remains for email verification and is a reference sort limited in the DNS which itself remains for Domain name framework. The DNS gets advances of the address system development of the IP. The MX records are accused of holding host name having a place with the machine that handles the field email activity. At the point when for example you communicate something specific, the said message will make a question sent to the DNS to ask the MX record to give out the message beneficiary’s name that constitutes the divide that comes after the @. The MX record is accordingly a device to set the methodology of messaging set from beginning to end particularly the extent that informing is concerned.

Email address checker does its acceptance work with record speed and since in a few locales it is offered complimentary, email darlings will truly appreciate the entire experience. The email validation yield takes few seconds and soon you will get showed the aftereffects of whether the email address were substantial or not. You can start the procedure with your individual email address before you leave on whatever other to experience direct the unimaginable peculiarities it has.

The checker is more noticeable particularly when an individual is going to sign in another record in yahoo and Google in addition to different sites. The inquiry to check the accessibility of a specific email address is essentially intends to approve the email address. The checker is a mind blowing approach to fortify all email addresses so that yours is additionally shielded. Basically visit our site to get this incredible system complimentary at a quality that you will genuinely love.

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8 Functional Apps for HR managers

target-aboutusWith smartphones and tablets far outstripping the number of PCs shipped and used annually, it is no surprise that more and more job seekers and candidates are turning to their mobile phones to seek put new and better opportunities.

For a recruiter, you need to be ahead of the pack with top notch mobile recruiting functionality. You also need a smartphone to source, contact, and hire candidates. Apps have been developed befitting both iPhone and Android users. These phones have the best recruiting software and online recruitment software installed making the hiring process a walk in the park.

Below is a list of 8 top apps for recruiters:

  1. LinkedIn Recruiter

It is functional in both Android and iPhones smartphones. LinkedIn is the primary platform to meet new talent. As a result, this app serves as the best talent acquisition software. Its search and sourcing functionalities are the best in the market. This app is free and also allows you to view and search candidate profiles, lets you manage your job listings while saving and adding notes to the profiles of the different candidates.


Also works for Android and iPhone users, it is an amazing online resource for you. This app lets you post new jobs, shortlist applicants, thoroughly search resumes and share jobs. You can also contact the candidates using this app on your phone.

  1. Recruiting News Feeds

It is provided by Career cloud and is very functional because it is ready made for HR. The talent acquisition software installed makes easy talent management and recruiting. It has  a sharing and podcast functionality making it possible to view webinars and spread word about your recruitment agency. Available for iPhones and Android phones.

  1. The Ladders Recruiter

Only available to smartphone users with IPhones and iPads.  It is a very good app for finding, contacting and reviewing applicants’ applications. By creating a free TheLadders account, you get access to your database whenever, wherever. This gives you unlimited searches and recruitment for your preferred candidates.

  1. Talent Xray

You will have to purchase this app. However, it is available for Android and iPhone/ iPad userswith a pre-installed online recruitment software custom built for sourcing new talent.  Through your company’s social network, you can tap and find candidates on-the-go. It also lets you save and share searches on LinkedIn and Google+. The jobs listed have clearly defined titles and location of the posted jobs.

  1. Talent Mgt

It has the best recruiting software installed for Android and iPhone smartphone users. It lets you find new talent and nurture existing talent in the workplace.

  1. SmartRecruiters

In a world that has literally gone mobile, this is the best app for you.  It helps create and advertise jobs, source and manage applicants. It is easy to use but only available to Apple gadgets and users.

  1. BambooHR

This is an Apple customized app that is suitable for small and medium sized enterprises.  It automates HR functions with pre-installed company details. It helps in planning and managing time. You get to access and manage all candidate data in real time while responding to them accordingly.

In conclusion, HR functions are being simplified by these apps that are available on your phone through simple clicks or touches.


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Using Proximity Marketing to attract Customers

There is no arguing the fact that technology has changed the whole landscape of business. First the Internet, then Mobility / Cloud, and now the Internet of Things. Even for an entrepreneur like me, it has had a deep impact on my business. I have owned a retail outlet for a while now and have always sought ways to enhance the in-store shopping experience for my customers. I tried many options but nothing  really worked for me. I realized that, day by day, my revenues and sales were falling and if this situation continued, I would have little choice but to shutter my operation.

I shared my concerns with one of my friends who advised me to look into Proximity Marketing using Bluetooth beacon technology. I  never heard of it before so I asked him if he could explain this solution to me. He described Proximity Marketing as a solution in which one deploys beacons within a location (e.g. my store) and the beacons send notifications to smartphones.

These notifications can send consumers relevant offers and promote the latest deals. The solution can also be used to:

  • locate items within the store to enhance the in-store shopping experience
  • increase revenue per square feet
  • provide opportunities for impulse purchases
  • move slow selling merchandise to achieve faster inventory turnover.

These were all critical metrics to a retailer like myself and sounded like music to my ears.

I became very excited because I knew that I had found a marketing tool that could provide me with a significant competitive advantage. So the next decision I had to make was finding a vendor whose platform  best fit my needs.  In that vein, I began compiling a set of feature set comparison points and came up with a shortlist of must-haves.  These included:

  • A software as a service platform (SAAS) that I didn’t have to invest heavily in hardware and infrastructure
  • A platform that provided all the necessary beacon and sensor technologies needed for my establishment
  • An easy to administer administration panel for me to manage my campaigns and notifications
  • A simple mobile experience for my customers that would engage them and keep them coming back
  • Analytics/reporting to analyze which campaigns worked and which ones did not work
  • Advanced features I could add as my business expanded

I ordered various toolkits to experiment with and found the Netobjex platform to be the most capable and mature solution for my business.  Proximity Marketing is definitely the tool I needed for my in-store marketing solution as well as a means to attract walk-in clientele into my store.  IoT  technology has a lot to offer and I am looking forward to expanding my Proximity Marketing campaigns through the use of more advanced capabilities such as beacons and  sensors.  Can’t wait to get started on that next!

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Explicit Cloud Hosting Services For Small Organizations

adroitssd logoCloud services are in great demand for the large as well as small size organization in the need for automation of web hosting services. They look for simple and secure web services that are automated. Let’s first have a look at what is cloud hosting and how you can benefit from it.

Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud hosting is a service for websites on servers. These are virtual servers that extract their computing resources from a network of physical servers. The basic concept of cloud hosting is clustered hosting that means a website is hosted on multiple servers rather than single or dedicated servers, by this way a large number of resources can be pulled from various data centers of multiple servers.

Different Types of Cloud Hosting Services

The different type of cloud hosting services can be Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS). In IaaS the service provider provides a virtual hardware resource to the client on, which they employ their software for building web applications, in short they have to manage their software and not the hardware. Hardware will be managed by the service provider.

In PaaS a software environment, which may include database support, operating system, programming support or server software? The client can directly start building their web application on this software. Usually, this service is opted by small businesses for ease as they don’t have to look for software platform. Other professionals choose IaaS as they have their personalized software environment.

For a large website of e-commerce or blog you may get a number of input and output (I/O) request for data. Huge traffic on the site may result in high I/O requests; this may become difficult to manage. This can make the request process slow. The sites using traditional disk have limitations on physical storage and make the entire request process slow.

Thus, SSD hosting comes in play here. SSD is a solid state drive, which is not movable, it is similar to hard disk drive, but SSD is much faster than HDD. So for the fast functioning of large website SSD cloud hosting service is a great option to handle huge data storage as well as frequent I/O request. In most organizations SSD has overtaken HDD.

So for better web hosting we provide extensive cloud hosting along with SSD hosting services, which will increase the performance of your blog or e-commerce website. For fast access to website data, reduce load time, increase the speed of input/output requests, and improve your website’s overall performance along with an increase in the conversion rates a good cloud service with advanced SSD service is the basic requirement for an immerging industry.

Whether you are just a novice in this web field or an experienced IT professional, these services are meant to improve the performance of your web application with advanced assistance. So don’t just get web presence but get full security and complete hold of your web application through SSD hosting in your hand even with less knowledge but extensive cloud services.



Rechargeable India Calling Cards at Low Cost

Phone cardsWhen you want to make a long distance call- domestic or international you want it to be cheap and hassle free. Sometimes your local operators may not be able to provide you the best plans according to your needs and requirements. The India calling cards available for you give you more benefits than any other mode of communication. They are cheap, last for a longer time and are easy to use. I used these cards to connect with my parents who lived in USA. Talking to your close ones on the internet can get expensive some times. To talk for longer hours without having to pay bills is what every individual wants. I saved on a lot of money once I switched from the traditional methods of calling to calling cards.

If you are wondering if using a calling card will be hassle free you can be assured that these are simpler to use as compared to collected calls. You get a local access number along with your calling card. Local access precisely means that instead of using a toll free number to dial into the system to make a call, you precisely dial a local number in your area code. If you are making an international call, you need to enter the area code of that specific locality. I got cheapinternationalcalling cards to talk to my parents for longer hours. The track of time is sometimes lost while talking on the phone. In case of a calling card all you have to do is pay for the calling time in advance and reduce your prepaid balance as you make calls. You get a toll free access number to make a call. You simply enter your PIN number and put in the number that you wish to call.

You can use your calling card from any touch-tone telephone. Although some cards may incur extra charges for calls made from places such as Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Your cellular provider may sometime overcharge you when you make long distance calls. By using cheap phone cards it is ensured that no extra money is paid to your cellular provider for making international calls. You can simply use calling cards on your cell phones. I used to make calls from hotels while traveling. I realized it was a very expensive deal. By using calling cards from my cell phone I do not have to pay high rates at hotels.

There are no extra fees incurred from the calling card carrier. When using it on your phone you will be using your airtime charges which are charged by your cellular provider depending upon the plan that you have. Some calling cards have maintenance fees and some do not. Depending upon the card it is a period charge which could be weekly or bi-weekly or even monthly. In case you need to know if you have to pay the maintenance fee check the back of your calling card. These calling cards are way beneficial than the traditional ways of calling your long distance friends and family.





Here Is How You Can Start An Internet Radio Station

CITRUS3Numerous things need to be kept in mind when you run a radio station. Besides, it even consumes a lot of electricity and updating the technology means spending another thousand dollars. When our studies went kaput due to a fire, it was very difficult for us to get a quick fix. Claiming insurance would take at least three months and the money would flow in over a year. That is when a dear friend suggested us to start an internet radio station.

With changing times, one required to evolve over the radio over the internet. This task seemed pretty modern and was widely used by a lot of people. Starting it did not seem a bad idea as we all started conducting research. After researching for a while, we came across this particular website shoutcast hosting provider that offered internet streaming. We all were delighted.

The trendy website had already managed to catch our attention. We went on to find out what the different packages had to offer. Read on to find out more about the features.


We could purchase a simple radio broadcasting software that came along with all the necessities along with shoutcast server, microphone and so on. As a result, you do not need to buy anything extra.


Free Radio Page:

The software even offered a free web page that can be viewed by music listeners. People can simply tune in and listen to your latest or even find news related to you.


Audio Dj:

As we had our date backed up, we decided to make use of this DJ feature. All we had to do was back up everything and to the system and build our playlist.

iPhone and Android app:

This was the coolest thing we ever came across the broadcasting app could be downloaded on your phones and could be heard on the go.


Easy to install and navigate:

The software could be purchased at affordable rates and can be installed with a click of a button. Moreover, it comes along with instruction that are very easy to follow.

As we were novice, we were very apprehensive about such services. However, when we spoke to experts on the phone our doubts were all taken care off. This process made it much easier for us to trust and rely on such kind of technology. Getting in touch with them was much easier as they even provided with sales chat and round the clock support services.

On further use the radio turned out to be more powerful than we ever thought. Those of you who are looking to transfer their old or existing radio system can also be done without any haste. You can always go through the ‘Frequently asked questions’ that are sure to answer most of your doubts. We were delighted to know that there were no hidden charges and the control panel provided complete access. Life even after such a catastrophe seemed to be functioning smoothly. We were lucky and without the radio it could be impossible for us to get back on our feet.


Igor Dovbenko is author of this article on start an internet radio station. Find more information about shoutcast hosting.



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Avoid Web Traffic during Promotion of Websites

The amount of data sent and received by visitors on a website is known as Web Traffic. It does not necessarily include the traffic that is created by bots. It has been the largest portion of internet traffic. This is determined by the number of visitors that visit a webpage and the number of times the page is visited. When my sister started working on developing her own website there were a certain things that needed analysis in depth.

Web analytics measures the behaviours of the visitors to a website. This can be done by viewing the statistics of the web traffic. It provides an automatically generated list of all the pages served. While developing the content of a website you must keep in mind the strategy of marketing. The strategy to market your service must be high end otherwise chances are your service or product may fail. Marketing is a term that describes the steps involved in a procedure that leads to final sales. My sister drew out a strategy that was appropriate in selling her service to the mass. You need to effectively plan, execute, promote and distribute effectively to satisfy customer as well as organizational needs.

To make sure her website was a success she adopted a strategy known as project management. If any organization is to be successful in the delivery of its products it is important that standards are established by selecting projects that match with the organization’s strategic plans. It is essential that projects are selected, managed and delivered effectively. This is known as Project Management. It is an important aspect of any business plan. She built up a step by step process for her website and established consistent success in performance across many projects. Project management requires extreme planning and strategising for effective implementation of the idea.

The most important thing to do while developing any website is to ensure there is optimum search engine optimization. It increases the visibility of a website or a web page. For people who plan on developing websites this is an important internet strategy. SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for and what keywords people use or enter into the search engines. Optimizing a website means editing its content and it is associated coding to increase its relevance to the specific keywords.

SEO is an appropriate marketing strategy for every website. Other internet marketing strategies include pay per click campaigns depending on the site operator’s goals. The leading search engines use crawlers to look for pages in their algorithmic search results. SEO however believes in following two techniques. One that it approves of and the other it does not approve of. The search engines minimize the effect of the latter. With effective search engine optimization the rankings of your website will be visibly increased. Your site will be ranked higher among millions of other sites in response to a search query. It precisely helps get you traffic from search engines. You can even read up various blogs that provide information on the latest trends and strategies.


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